Station 20 is one of 2000+ Rural Fire Brigades across New South Wales. Our brigade has over 50 members from all walks of life, living in and around the Illawong/Menai area. We volunteer our time to respond to emergency situations primarily in our defined station area, but can be called upon to assist with large scale incidents anywhere in the country.

In 2006, station 20 has been to large scale fires at Wollondilly, Grenfell, The Blue Mountains, Coonabarabran and probably many more before the season is finished.But, it's not all fires and emergencies. The brigade is regularly called upon to assist with community fund raising events, community educations including school visits, brigade and district training and much much more.

The members all have normal lives and work normal jobs but are available to respond to calls in and out of work time. Members carry a pager which is set off in the event of a 'fire call' and all available fire fighters drive to the fire station, change into the uniform and respond in one of the trucks.

The brigade also 'man' the fire station on days of extreme fire danger and total fire bans. This means there is at least one full crew of fire fighters ready to respond to incidents at a moments notice.