Currently, Station 20 is looking for day time fire fighters. We need people who live and work in the local area who are available to attend incidents inside normal business hours, IE 9-5.  We are also looking for others new members who live in the local area.

If you fit this description and would like to join, please get in contact with our captain or president by using the contacts page on this website. Or, drop into the station on any Sunday morning and speak with the Officer In Charge(OIC).

You also give our fire control center a call during business hours on 9520 4040.

The following information is provided by the RFS website which can be found at

The Rural Fire Service is made up of volunteers from all walks of life – men and women from different cultural backgrounds, age groups and professions.

Rural fire brigades are a reflection of every local community.

Becoming a volunteer firefighter is easier than most people think. Brigades offer training ranging from basic firefighting, village firefighting and first aid to breathing apparatus operation and rural fire.

We don’t just offer firefighting roles, we have a multitude of areas that require volunteers. Communications, catering, logistics, planning and aviation support are critical – there is a job for nearly everyone in the RFS.

We rely heavily on the support of people from all backgrounds and cultures in our community. The people that make up our Service are as different as the society that we protect.

Next Steps:

We also have many publications available in PDF format for our volunteers.

More about Joining the RFS:

For general information about joining the RFS please contact our Volunteer Relations Unit on n .

To check on your application to join the RFS, please contact the Service Membership Unit on n .

The minimum age to join the Rural Fire Service as a volunteer is 16, if you are under the age of 16 please enquire about our Cadet programs.